1603, 2015

Please explain…

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Why are most politicians incapable of actually explaining anything?

Do you remember when your parent used to say “because I said so!”? You knew there was more to the story but you knew they just didn’t have the time or energy or will to explain why!

Take the now defunct carbon tax as an example. Observing the […]

203, 2015

If you fail to plan…

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Sixteen years ago I made a career change and started working in the first home buyer market. The company’s unique offer helped many to overcome the virtually impossible task of trying to save for a deposit while still paying rent. I remember clearly the client’s sense of pride and accomplishment and optimism as they took […]

103, 2015

Why property as an investment choice

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Like in any market property price growth is primarily a function of the demand for and the supply of housing. The demand for housing is a product of its necessity and of the population size and forecast growth, currently at record levels both current and projected. It’s also influenced by government policy, incentives, consumer confidence […]