Investment Property PA provides a complete service.

Investment Property PA provides professional and personal advice and assistance to clients who want to create wealth and minimize their tax burden through property investment.

Whether you are a first time investor or are wanting to grow your portfolio, Investment Property PA is ready and happy to assist you.

Client focused, the service is based on facts to develop strategies tailored to meet your individual needs, current circumstances, risk profile, budget and goals.

Genuinely independent, we have access to a broad range of properties Australia wide and are free to identify the best and most suitable properties in each segment of the market and present only those that truly suit our client’s brief. The aim is to present you with above average opportunities. Our aim is to help clients achieve their goals.

This is a significant point of difference!


Just make an enquiry and get started! Send an email or give me a call and we can have a no obligation chat about what you are hoping to do. I’ll be interested to hear about what your current circumstances are, what experiences you’ve had, your preferences and how comfortable you are with the idea of investing.  It’s also a chance for you to ask anything you would like. As they say, ‘knowledge is power’ and I’m happy to provide that for you.


The next step is to take time to match appropriate properties to the ‘brief’ you’ve given me and to come back to you with recommendations and an outline of why they have been selected and how they could help you to achieve your goals. Recommendations are based on ‘sustainable investment’ too, never stretching you beyond what you can afford or are comfortable with. Once you have narrowed down the properties of interest a detailed report including the supporting evidence, rental appraisals, cash flow figures, plans and photos and all you need to make an informed and rational decision are presented to you.

As part of the ASPIRE Network, Investment Property PA is able to provide clients with access to an online property portal that presents all the information about the properties in a consistent, unbiased format. You can access the portal at your leisure, make comparisons and make informed decisions.

‘Profit’ by definition is ‘the return to risk’ so no investment is totally risk free so the advice is based on full disclosure – all questions are welcome and encouraged! Much of the risk associated with property investment can be mitigated by getting expert advice before acquiring the asset.


Investment Property PA offers full support throughout the purchase process and you will also be supported by the friendly team of the Aspire Network. You will be guided step by step and will have no problems knowing “what happens next? You are also provided with your own unique login to the online portal and ‘kept in the loop’ with updates, key dates and service offers.

Each of your specialist team members are kept informed along the way. Documents and key dates are easily accessible via the portal. As the client you have the ability to log in and contact your team members at any time. Photos and updates are sent you and uploaded to the portal as the property is built.

When settlement approaches the ASPIRE team will offer you discounted end of build services such as an independent building inspection and the preparation of a Quantity Surveyor’s Report to maximize your depreciation claims.

We will also help point you in the right direction when it comes time to tenant the property.


As a client of Investment Property PA the achievement of your goals is an ongoing concern. You are always welcome to contact me either directly or through your own unique login to the ASPIRE property portal. I’m also more than happy at any time to connect you up with tried and trusted related services.

I will continue to update you with newsletters, special offers and in particular when an option comes up that I think you may be interested in or really fits your plan. There is never any pressure!