Investing in property can build you a business for the future

Here’s an example:

Say we want to build a passive income of $2000 per week in 10 years time.

Step 1. Acquire a portfolio of $2M (eg.5 x $400,000) at 7.2%pa capital growth (Australian historical average)

Step 2. DOUBLES to $4,000,000

Step 3. SELL DOWN half to pay debt

$2,000,000 at 5% rent yield = $2000pw!

That’s the theory! But of course what it relies on is the capital growth component.

Ethical, compliant, educated property professionals should not and cannot offer you certainty. Capital growth predictions can only be made on the ‘balance of evidence’.

What you can be offered in all honesty is ‘ABOVE AVERAGE OPPORTUNITIES’

Risk and Capital Growth with Investment Property

BUT even on the ‘right side of the curve’ there are different levels of risk attached to different property choices…….

‘ABOVE AVERAGE OPPORTUNITIES’ can be identified based on:

Investment Property Risk and Capital Growth

People have different ‘appetites’ for risk. Investment Property PA provides a service based on facts to develop strategies specifically tailored to the client’s needs, current circumstances, risk profile, budget and goals.